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GDP regulations update

Due to the recent GDP updates, Pharma and Biotech companies need to re-evaluate their distribution processes and making necessary changes to comply with current regulations.

Your need:

The updated GDP regulations, released in March this year and stringent in September 2013, have introduced new requirements for ambient temperature products and stricter guidelines for cold temperature products.

Centralising distribution networks into hubs has led to an increased risk of theft and with more counterfeit medicines entering the supply chain, pharma companies need to ensure the safety and security of their products. Coupled with initiatives like the Falsified Medicines Directive and the 2017 Serialisation requirements for product packaging, pharma companies have been forced now to update their systems and look at track n’ trace technologies and updated data loggers to keep track of their products throughout the entire supply chain.

Your solution:

The Transposafe-Brady Corporation could be your partner and solution provider:
We are close to our customers, we know their problems and offer them turnkey solutions.
Our products and solutions enable safe and efficient processes and secure packaging of valuables and products, such as:

Security seals, Security bags, Security tape and labels (Brand Protection and counterfeit)
Temperature monitoring (“’last mile monitoring”’ and new RFID/NFC technology)

Do not hesitate in contacting us whether we can offer the right solution to overcome these challenges and comply with new regulations.

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